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Top local news stories from the Montgomery Advertiser
  • Some bus routes change March 7
    The Montgomery Area Transit System has announced changes to some city bus routes effective March 7.
  • Police crack down 'bath salts' drug
    Alabama health and law enforcement officials have added a new synthetic drug to the list of illegal controlled substances in Alabama.
  • BOE officially requests funding
    The Montgomery County Board of Education approved a formal resolution Tuesday asking the city and county for a commitment to pay debt service for three years on $15.6 million of Qualified School Construction Bonds.


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Choosing the Right Law Firm

If you are in need of legal representation, then choosing a law firm that is right for you can be the most important decision you make in your case.  There are lots of law firms, but not all law firms are right for you and your circumstances.  Although the attorneys at a firm may be competent and even experienced, there are other things that you should consider in making your choice.

You need to decide if the law firm will return your calls promptly, if they have a great reputation in the community where they practice, do they contribute positively to their community, do they have a legitimate interest in your cause, do they make you feel comfortable and at ease, and do they genuinely care about your legal issues. Factor in these intangibles when deciding to hire a lawyer or law firm to represent your rights.  Call us today for a consultation and take that time to evaluate us.  We want you to evaluate us because we are confident that we will exceed your expectations.


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