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  • Some bus routes change March 7
    The Montgomery Area Transit System has announced changes to some city bus routes effective March 7.
  • Police crack down 'bath salts' drug
    Alabama health and law enforcement officials have added a new synthetic drug to the list of illegal controlled substances in Alabama.
  • BOE officially requests funding
    The Montgomery County Board of Education approved a formal resolution Tuesday asking the city and county for a commitment to pay debt service for three years on $15.6 million of Qualified School Construction Bonds.


Copyright 2011 | The Alabama Bar Association requires the following disclaimer: No representation is made that the quality of legal services is any greater then the quality of legal services provided by other attorneys. | The content on this website is for informative purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Legal advice can only be received from a licensed attorney after careful consideration of your unique circumstances. |


The Law Office of Bill Lewis, L.L.C. offers our clients the option of receiving "Online Legal Services" through our website.  This option gives you four options to receive legal advice by phone, email, online document review, and legal and court coaching all from the convenience of your home.  We fuse modern technology with our old-fashioned customer service to provide you with quality legal advice and assistance for a low cost, flat fee delivered in a way that is most convenient and preferable to you. Click here to purchase your Online Legal Advice or to learn how it works.

Check out our ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES section to order and purchase your legal services.  You can also learn more about how the process works.


Advantages of of Online Legal Services:

  • Convenient -- several options available to you.  You pick how you want to receive your legal advice and order the advice any time day or night.
  • Lower costs - Less Expensive then traditional advice because you pay a one-time, flat fee instead of high per hour fees.
  • Access to Attorneys - You communicate your legal issue to a licensed attorney, not a paralegal or secretary.
  • Quick turnaround - Get answers to your legal questions fast, usually within 24 hours.
  • Get Answers - sometimes you just need a question answered, but some attorneys won't talk to you unless it is a big case.
  • Secure - your information and communication is protected and secured through our website.

What kind of legal issues should I use Online Legal Advice for?

  • Almost anything that you would seek traditional legal advice for.
  • Submit your will,  a contract, or other documents for review to see if they need updated.
  • Schedule a legal advice phone call to ask some legal questions about a dispute with your neighbor.
  • Submit your lease for advice on what it says.
  • Send an email about a legal problem at work and receive an email response with legal advice from a Bill Lewis Law attorney.
  • Want to represent yourself in a small claims case or file an answer to a complaint? Purchase legal / court coaching from us and learn what to expect, what to file, and how to handle it.
  • Unlimited possibilities and legal issues!

Highlights of ordering Online Legal Advice through our website:

  • Secure communication - all the information and communication is done through the secure, encrypted portion of our website.  Use it with confidence.
  • Secure Credit card payment - pay directly from our website.  We accept most major credit and debit/credit cards all accepted through current industry standards and encryption.
  • Several options for receiving legal advice.
  • Receive your own client space where all communication with us is archived so you can go back and refer to it.

Visit our secure menu on our website for ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES.


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