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From Car Wreck to Missing Pay Check. PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 December 2010 22:49

Vehicle accidents can cause damages not only to your vehicle but to your ability to earn a living as well.  In the current state of the economy more and more families are living check to check each and every week.  This lifestyle is not a choice for most, but, unfortunately it has become a reality to most people.  If you are involved in a serious automobile collision property damage is a likely outcome.  However, your damages may also include medical bills and permanent and major physical injuries.  Those injuries can lead to your inability to earn an income because you can no longer perform the type of work that you did prior to the accident.  You should be compensated for that right?  Is that not a part of your "injuries"?  The answer to these questions is absolutely.

The problem is that when an insurance company offers to settle with you, they only have their interests in mind.  All they care about is getting you to settle for the least amount of money possible.  They know that you will probably take whatever they offer because you have been out of work and need the money to pay your bills and probably purchase a new car so you can find a new job or keep the one you have.  You are at their mercy, which is a good way to get ripped off.  Certainly they will not offer any compensation for your loss of employment, short-term or long-term.  In many cases, you will not be able to work at all.  And forget about working in your old profession especially if it is a physically demanding job.  Be aware that when you get that offer from the insurance company, chances are they are not including any compensation for lost income.  But, insurance companies know that you have to think short-term because you have bills that have to be paid.  They will have you sign a waiver and release stating that you agree that the check they are giving you is all you will ever get.  So, although you will be unable to work in the future and are currently unemployed, you cannot go back to court and file a lawsuit to recoup the money that you could make from your job had you not been injured by the insurance companies client.  That isn't fair but people do sign that right away everyday.

When you are not represented by an attorney, then in most cases, dealing with an insurance company is not a negotiation.  It is a take it or leave it scenario.  You either take whatever they feel like giving you or they will refuse to give you anything.  Why do they take this tactic, well "what are you gonna do if they don't give you more money?"  They are hoping that you do nothing and instead decide to just take whatever they offer as if they are doing you a favor.  Surprisingly, many people really believe that if the insurance company gives you anything then it is because they are doing you a favor.  Wrong.  They owe you that money because they agree with a customer that they will compensate anyone that the customer does wrong.

So, how do you do something about them not giving you all the money you deserve?  You hire the Law Office of Bill Lewis, LLC to represent you.  The solution is simple.  You have to think long-term when dealing with insurance companies.  We always recommend that you speak with an attorney before settling anything with an insurance company.  Some of the things that you can and should be compensated for include the following damages:

  • Property Damages - dents in your car, broken parts, personal items in the vehicle that were destroyed, etc.
  • Medical Bills -- You may have to have future visits to the doctor or surgeries.  That should be taken into account in your settlement.
  • Lost Wages -- as discussed above.
  • Permanent Disability - the inability to ever work again or to work in your current profession again.
  • Permanent scarring, etc.
  • Loss of Consortium -- the inability to be intimate, physically and emotionally, with your spouse
  • Several other damages.

If you were involved in a serious accident and are serious about getting your money and being compensated then you need to call Law Office of Bill Lewis, LLC today at (334) 731-3198 for a consultation.  We get serious results for serious accident victims.

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